Emlite - MP22-MID Single Phase Contactless Prepayment Card Meter (100A Direct Connect)

Emlite - MP22-MID Single Phase Contactless Prepayment Card Meter (100A Direct Connect)

This meter is designed to be used for the control of the electricity supply in utility or secondary metered sites such as holiday and landlord accommodation. The meter is fully approved to the European metering standard, MID (Metering Instruments Directive). The meter is therefore tested and approved as accurate for billing purposes. The meter may also be used as a time controller.

The meter is programmed by using a programming card in conjunction with the red and blue buttons at the top of the meter. The programming function allows the energy prices and standing charge to be set, whilst a debt collection facility enables a pre-set amount to be collected daily. The total amount for collection is programmed and the meter will reduce this each day by collecting monies from the remaining credit balance.

Additional card types are available to support a variety of functions including new tenancy and servicing. Please contact your supplier for further information. An electronic display indicates the amount of credit remaining on the meter. This display is also used when programming energy prices, and other meter settings. The grey push button next to the display allows the tenant / user to cycle through a set of displays showing usage totals, charges, etc.

A timer mode allows the meter to be used for the control of appliances and services where the “on” time is set using a top up card that adds a time determined by the value of the card. The amount of time added for a given card value can be programmed to a maximum value of 23h 59m per £/€1.

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